Wellness: Expectations vs. Reality

Hello dear readers, and welcome to another day of our crusade for improved mental health! But what exactly does that look like? What does it mean to improve your mental health, and how do you go about doing it?  We’ve all seen the endless Instagram posts glorifying yoga, good food, meditation, and a myriad ofContinue reading “Wellness: Expectations vs. Reality”

Overworked – The Legend of Teenage Burnouts

Yes indeed, everyone. It’s that time again.  That time where all mental peace and motivational quotes are thrown out the window and replaced by gallons of caffeine and anti-depressants mashed together in a delicious I’m-dying-but-forcing-myself-to-be-alive sundae. That time where yours truly wakes up in the morning and promptly has a mental screaming fit about howContinue reading “Overworked – The Legend of Teenage Burnouts”