On the Pandemic – Could This Have Been Prevented?

Hello, dear readers. I want to apologize for my hiatus on this blog — so much craziness has occurred over the past few months. Despite having virtually nothing to do…I’ve been overwhelmed. This pandemic has hit us all in ways we never could’ve expected. And given that this isn’t the first disease to take onContinue reading “On the Pandemic – Could This Have Been Prevented?”

Being a Woman

Good afternoon, dear readers. Allow me to forewarn you; this post is not going to be lighthearted. My usual snark and cynicism will have decreased substantially, because for International Women’s Day, I’ve decided to discuss my experiences with being a woman. If you’re not wanting to hear about that kind of thing, this post mayContinue reading “Being a Woman”

Wellness: Expectations vs. Reality

Hello dear readers, and welcome to another day of our crusade for improved mental health! But what exactly does that look like? What does it mean to improve your mental health, and how do you go about doing it?  We’ve all seen the endless Instagram posts glorifying yoga, good food, meditation, and a myriad ofContinue reading “Wellness: Expectations vs. Reality”